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Cow Shades provides valuable services to farm communities, providing a hub for connections and collaborations that enhance productivity, efficiency, and sustainability in the industry


Our Services include the following:

1. Feedstock Producers and Biomass Providers:  Connects feedstock producers with manufacturers who need their products, facilitating the exchange of goods and services.


2. Equipment Providers with Farmers: Matches farmers with equipment providers to ensure that farmers have access to the necessary machinery and tools for their operations.


3. IoT Services for Farm Automation: Links farmers with providers of IoT and farm automation services to modernize and optimize agricultural practices through technology.

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Cow Shades Managed Services

Cow Shades Managed Service offers Smart Dairy on a monthly basis to provide innovative solutions aimed at assisting farmers and producers in California to increase productivity and confront pressing environmental issues: 


OUr Smart Dairy Farm System (SDFS) combines IoT technology with dairy farm management.


  • Harness IoT technology and data analytics for enhanced dairy production decision-making and productivity

  • Implement intelligent dairy farm sensor networks to optimize milk production

  • Reduce greenhouse gas emissions through efficient farm operations

  • Utilization of 5G networks, sensors, and automated systems for advanced farm management

  • Real-time data collection, analysis, and decision support for dairy farming operation

  • Improved dairy farm monitoring and management for increased productivity and animal welfareStrategies to improve production performance while minimizing methane and carbon dioxide emissions

  • Solutions to combat drought and manage limited water resources effectively.

  • Remediation of deteriorating soil conditions for sustainable farming practices

  • Guidance on navigating increased agricultural regulations

  • Cost-saving measures to address rising utility and water expenses.


The Ag Matchmaker platform enables traders to engage in local transactions, thereby minimizing transportation-related emissions, lowering the Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) for suppliers, and fostering the creation of real value in the carbon credit market through the endorsement of sustainable practices and the efficient use of resources

Ag Matchmaker

The Ag Matchmaker platform matches agricultural waste sellers with biomass facility buyers, simplifying the trade of feedstock through an easy-to-use online system.


Cow Shades Bounty Broker centralized trading platform biomass feedstock market enables verified commodity listing (type, stock, quality), a dynamic pricing mechanism, optimized transportation routes, tracking, quality assurance, and logistical support.


The biomass feedstock market is fragmented and lacks a centralized system for trading, leading to inefficiencies in connecting buyers and sellers, ensuring quality, and managing logistics and payments.


This platform delivers a streamlined trading experience, fosters market transparency, guarantees quality compliance, and offers valuable insights, ultimately leading to increased trust, reduced transaction costs, and a more robust biomass feedstock market.





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