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Cow Shades will introduce CS-Insights for dairy producers, leveraging edge computing to collect data from farms with limited internet connectivity, and harnessing the power of data analytics to provide actionable insights. 


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Data Collection with Edge Computing    

Utilize edge computing to gather farm data in areas with poor internet coverage.

AI-Driven Analytics  

 Employs artificial intelligence to process and analyze farm data for actionable insights.

Integrated Data Streams    Combines data from weather, feed management, and animal health sensors, plus third-party apps.

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Reduction of Waste    

Optimizes livestock feed and prevents milk spoilage in the supply chain.

Supply Chain Traceability    

Offers traceability throughout the supply chain for products like milk, butter, and cheese.

Consumer Transparency    Ensures consumers that food products are high-quality and sustainably sourced.


Enhanced Profit Potential    

Helps dairy producers increase profitability through data-driven decision-making.


Conservation Practices    

Encourages the use of sustainable farming practices by providing relevant data.

Operational Efficiency    

Improves farm operations and efficiency, addressing customer demand and supply-chain disruptions.

Food Accessibility    

Aids in ensuring food is delivered effectively to those in need.

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